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Mysteries: “Charging the Body and Removing Obstacles”

Written By: Ananda Prema Shakti (Felicia Case)
© EarthStar Publishing, Inc.

In Native American Indian spirituality, it is taught that Father Sky and Mother Earth become lovers through the dance of a thunderstorm. The air is whipped up with the intermingling of warm and cold airstreams, and the clouds begin to crash and merge, creating friction and thunder. Great electrical currents of lightening then strike downward, charging mother earth’s magnetic fields and balancing all of nature. The act is spectacular, wet and wild — and afterwards, all sunshine and heaven breaks loose through the shining of a rainbow. Isn’t it amazing, in relation to Yoga, that a rainbow comprises the full color spectrum of the major chakras. The charging of the air and earth with fire and water awakens the chakra colors of a rainbow. Mother and Father are united in love and the family of mankind is secure and nurtured.

How do we awaken our subtle body with Yoga?

In Yoga, we charge the body when we practice yoga postures, eat a Sattvic diet (water, fruit, cereal, bread, most vegetables, beans, nuts, grains, milk and milk derivatives (cheese, butter, ghee, cream, yogurt, and honey) and deepen breathing practices such as Breath of Fire, and alternate nostril breathing with breath retention. Coupled with mudras, which are gap-closing seals and energetic chakra connections that create loops to circulate prana (energy/life force), bandhas, which are locks within the body to contain and move prana (energy/life force) and the practice of meditation. these practices will, over time, remove obstacles and charge the nervous system, causing the glands to secrete and purify the body. Through the practice of pranayama and bandhas, when we put contracting (drawing in) or expanding (releasing) pressure in nerve plexuses and glandular centers, those areas are made to “fire” and the gross and subtle body becomes completely charged.

In tantric sublimation practices the body is also made to “fire” and becomes charged through the containment and re-direction of sexual ojas and tejas energy. The body will gradually maintain that charge and pranic pressure will build. Transmutation and alchemy then occurs. What existed first as an obstacle, (Tamasic and Rajasic energy) is recycled and converted to Ojas Shakti and later, to Tejas Shakti (full radiant Sattvic life force energy), which fills and permeates the entire body and mind. This process is akin to burning off dross to reveal the gold.

Here is the mystery: The gold was there all along! We are not working toward something, or trying to ATTAIN something. Obstacles are removed to reveal what is already there.

This is Yoga … and bit by bit, over a period of weeks, months, or years, the entire body will begin to feel magnetically electric and etheric, as the field becomes balanced with an ever-building level of contained dynamo-like force.

If we stop and really think about it, containment is a very powerful thing. That which is contained gains, or at the very least, preserves force. Take a champagne cork, for instance. When the cork is released, what happens? The pressure becomes explosive and forcefully moves upward. Not only does containment of combustible, charged matter rise, so does heat also rise. When the charge and heat builds in intensity, is contained and harnessed (not dissipated through apanic waste and ‘leakage’) and finally polarizes, the mind becomes very still, clear and bright, and a golden radiance is felt in, through and around the body and head. Even the skin will begin to take on a golden hue. Stress and the need to think and act and BE and DO begins to recede. The mind becomes more receptive and open, observing an almost automatic connectedness between one’s aims and events and the subsequent experiences that come to fruition. We are attuned with God and this manifesting grace brings a feeling of natural oneness. Yoga emerges as a clean, clear and pure state of being. We come home to the Heart, where “I AM” is the single constant Truth.


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