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Nine (9) Suggestions in Tough Societal and Economic Times

Written By:
Ananda Prema Shakti (Felicia Case)
© EarthStar Publishing, Inc.
(Beginning 7 points by Michael Hyatt)


How can we keep our spirits up in down times? How can we lessen the fear and become more independent and self reliant in this economy and time of societal change? Here are nine (9) thought-provoking suggestions.  Note:  # “9” below is a very helpful segment for beginning a new way of living, and emerging into a more simplified, pioneering and independent lifestyle

  1. Turn off the news media. Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. They are no longer reporting on the problem; they are the problem. The relentless torrent of bad news only makes people—including us—more discouraged and less confident about the future. News fast – maybe check once a week, just a general overview.  If we think about this, just a century ago and all before time, we did not have the ability to know everything that was going on across continents.  We had to pay more attention to our own villages and the people of our family and community.  We can’t save the world. When we cast a net too far and too wide, it can get swept away and our own village will suffer.
  2. Connect with God and with Nature. We were not created to function without a connection to God and to Nature, the rhythms of the seasons, the rising of the Sun and the shining Moon. When we go out into nature, we begin to feel the heart beat of mother earth. We are soothed by the support of life in nature to take us through to each new dawn. God is the ultimate encouragement. Trying to navigate life without God is like trying to ride a motorcycle without starting the engine. God, whatever name as we see our omnipotent Creator, Light of the world, the alpha and the omega, the spirit of God is so much a part of everything, yet impossible to “See” … God is like the wind … we cannot see the wind, but we can see the effects of the wind, and feel the wind.
  3. Read inspirational books. It’s not enough to turn off the flow of garbage into our brain, we need to replace it with something positive. We need a vivid reminder that people have gone through tough times before. They have not only survived but thrived. If we don’t know where else to start, we could read a good history book like 1776 by David McCullough or a good inspirational book like The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews.  Reading some pioneer books of fiction are inspiring, reminding us to get back to the basics of love, life and family.
  4. Hang around positive people. This sounds harsh, but we cannot afford to be around and talk a lot with negative people—especially those that refuse to change. The problem is that negative people are highly infectious. And their disease is deadly. If we don’t avoid heavy exposure, we will become like them. Instead, intentionally seek out and befriend positive people. Their attitude is contagious, too. Pray for those who are negative, and leave the transformation to God.
  5. Do Yoga! Exercise regularly. This is one of the most important things we can do to keep our spirits up. It’s hard to feel good about life when we feel badly about ourselves. When we exercise, we always feel a little proud  (in a good sense). We think, I took initiative. I was proactive. Life is full of possibilities! The release of endorphin’s also has a measurable, positive impact on our brain and on our thinking. In Yoga, we are actually massaging glands, organs, muscles, strengthening the skeletal system, removing toxins and clearing blockages in our energy.  Yoga can help cure depression, anxiety, and the pain and aching of many physical ailments.
  6. Get more rest. It’s almost impossible to stay upbeat when we are tired. We can’t light up a room if our batteries are drained. Therefore, it is important to know exactly how much rest we need and make it a priority. We often confuse discouragement with being weary! Depression with being just outright tired! But it’s amazing how much brighter things look after a good night’s sleep.  It is best to honor our natural circadian rhythms by beginning to soften lights and inputs just after sunset, stay off the computer, and don’t watch television most of the time, after 8:00.  Try to take a hot bath between 8:00 and 9:00, tuck the children in with a back rub and move into the bed at 9:00.  This is a good time to take 10 minutes to do breathing exercises, pray and meditate, then lie down and go to sleep.  It is best to wake up with the sun, as our bodies are actually ‘activated’ by the sunlight through our eyelids, skin, and magnetic rhythms.
  7. Go to church. Pray. Meditate. When we get discouraged, it is tempting to isolate and retreat from the world. But this is exactly the opposite of what we need to do. All of us need a caring community of people who will love us for who we are, not what we do. We also need to be reminded that there is a purpose to our lives and to our circumstances. Keep the faith! Nothing is happening by accident. It is all intended for our good. Church provides both of these opportunities, as well as reaching out to help others, praying and meditating.  By turning to church/fellowship, prayer and meditation, we are trusting in Divine Source.
  8. Serve. When we turn the spotlight off of ourselves and ask “how can I help?” we notice others cross our path who are suffering, and need help. It is a circle wherein through reaching out to help another, we actually help ourselves.  Think about life in terms of a pendulum.  When we are suffering and broken, from a job loss, divorce, or the loss of a loved one, that pendulum has swung far to the right.  We are out of balance and in the depths of sadness, or fear or despair.  Then, we notice someone who just found out they have cancer, and is worried about leaving their 19 year old behind without a parent, has no insurance, or was laid off.  It isn’t that our problems don’t matter, or that we then need to feel guilt and shame for being sad and down ourselves.  This swing of the pendulum opens us to an opportunity to swing over and provide support to someone whose situation may be more immediately pressing. When we do this, surprisingly enough, that person will actually help us in ways we’d never expect.  Often those in the darkest moments rise up with the most Light.  That person we are tempted to feel sorry for lifts us up with their grace and might. Ego and pride is burned like dross to reveal purity of heart and humility.  We are then able to return to the mid-swing range on the pendulum.  Balance, faith, and peace are restored.
  9. Simplify, be Practical, Store and Save. There is an environment of fear and scarcity swirling in the world around us today. We are spending a LOT of our energy talking about the ‘what ifs’ and “imagining” in our mind the worst that might happen.  Society is being whipped into a frenzy by the media into fears of the great ‘fall’ of our economy and how it would ruin the world, and life as we know it.  Yet much of the world of money and the economy is maya, illusion.  The real fear? wondering whether we’ll have a home, food, water, medicine if needed, and the support and love of friends and family.How did we get to this point?  Quite simply put, we turned over our survival to the government.  We use currency to provide food, energy, and shelter to our families. We work jobs that require us to drive long distances and rely on expensive vehicles and the coveted resource of gasoline to get us there.  Fear lies in the possible collapse of these structures.  Native Americans have warned that we have lost our ability to honor and work the land to bring our own survival.  We call ourselves owning a home, yet anyone with a mortgage or even taxes don’t fully own it outright unless we satisfy the monetary demands of the ‘supplier.’  This is the unobscured reality and the basis of our fear.  What would we do if those structures were no longer in place? … With this sobering thought, it is tempting to swing far and wide on the pendulum of fear.  Instead, lets take a more balanced approach and ask ourselves what we might do to create more independence, self reliance and security for our families:
  • Do as the Mormons do.  Begin a modest family food storage (consisting of food, toiletries, water, medicines, and fuel).  Here is a helpful article on how to build and maintain a food storage:
  • Have a few background containers of gasoline.
  • Begin to save money so that 3 months of living expenses have been attained.
  • Consider other lifestyle options.  What about selling or renting your more expensive home and looking into moving out into a smaller community or on some property?  What about downsizing to a smaller home, but with a large enough lot that would allow for a vegetable garden?
  • Even in neighborhoods, lets try our hand at planting a vegetable garden this year.
  • If land is owned, consider putting in a small pond and stock with bass. (You’ll get an agricultural tax break as well).
  • Consider going in together with family or friends for some acreage, and build cabin/cottage homes on the shared acreage.
  • Begin to acquire books on how to farm, sew, and live closer to nature.
  • Cook more and share family meals.
  • Buy some mason jars and learn to can. who are good at these types of pioneering things, hold some potlucks and share tips
  • Lighten our loads by reducing belongings and simplifying.

All change begins with tiny steps.  DOING rather than sitting back and crying about what the government is and is not going to do for us will help us to feel more security.  We people are simply not meant to live stacked on top of one another.  In looking at basic psychological research, if mice are placed in a closed area and the population is laregly increased, disease, famine, chaos, killing and perversion results.  These are just basic laws of nature, and the cycle of life is based on Creation, Life, and Destruction.  We must get more attuned with our spiritual truths and live in line with nature again.  It all begins with a Thought and manifests with Purpose, and Action.


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