This site is for learning and sharing about Yoga. Topics include teaching, asana, meditation and a nurturing forum for questions about your Yoga practice.



Felicia Case  is a 200 Hour E-RYT Certified Yoga Alliance affiliated teacher in the Nashville, TN area. Her asana style is based on “ancient hatha yoga.” ‘ha’ means ‘sun’ and ‘tha’ (pronounced ‘ta’) means ‘moon.’ Hatha yoga brings union (yoga) of opposites. Classes follow a flow and are for all students together, no matter a level (such as beginning, intermediate and advanced). The lineage and style is primarily Sivananda and Tantra, though there is some of most all “styles” of yoga in a pure Eastern practice.  One posture is done on each side of the body with spaces of rest and reflection within a progressive flow that balances the gross and subtle total-body. Rather than spend our energy, we gather energy (the life force) throughout the practice. No artificial heaters are needed in our class as we generate heat naturally through the proper use of breathing, order of postures, and pace. Rather than do a few asanas repetitively (which can cause injury) a fuller range of postures are experienced and the body is taken through a thorough ‘tune up.’  It is not unusual in our weekend classes to move through 108 postures (fine-tuned and passed down through Shakti Das) … an auspicious cycle of completion. Like a good massage, at the end, you are not left wanting for more, and instead experience a sense of joyful and peaceful fulfillment and rejuvenation.

Felicia is also a student of her Sensei and a 3rd kyu green belt in Chito Ryu and Sanuces Ryu Karate (derived from the ancient words kara “empty” and te “hand”).  She studied with her youngest daughter Ivy (who earned her black belt shown with mom below).  Felicia has taught a blended form of Yoga and Karate in a class consisting of 1/2 hour of Yoga Asana, 1/2 hour of Karate kicks, punches, kata, and 10 minutes of Meditation.  This approach of blending Yoga and Karate is a beautiful marriage of yin and yang through the arts. Felicia’s elder daughter Aria (shown below practicing ashtavakrasana) was the one who first brought her mother to Yoga class with Shakti Das.

Felicia teaches regular classes and hosts her own workshops. She is also a published computer software book author, a certified soft skills facilitator, healthcare technical writer,  business analyst, instructional designer, and a musician, singer and poet.  She is also a forever student.

Felicia asked her teacher, Bagavan Shakti, for a Yogic spiritual name, which is actually the receiving of a ‘challenging ‘assignment.’

Ananda Prema Shakti, meaning “bliss, unconditional love and spiritual energy” … so the assignment is to aspire to radiate and share those qualities on the journey (and to keep the ever-evolving challenge on the name recipient).   Yoga in itself is not a religion, though many think because of Hindu influences that it is.  Felicia practices Yoga, similar to being an independent politically, as a universalist and mystical Christian, believing we don’t need to practice austerely to ‘attain’ enlightenment, ‘but rather merely BELIEVE, serve others, and receive Grace. We also don’t have to think there is just one right path.  We are all created equal and part of the joy of living is tasting and sampling the bounty of life.



  Lisa Marie Wilkinson wrote @

Absolutely lovely!!

  Erin Pryor wrote @

Very cool! Lots of great information. I look forward to checking back frequently! By the way, no baby yet.

  Julie Key wrote @

I have missed practicing under Felicia’s teachings as my family is settling into our new place. I am looking forward to having my kids meet her and also begin their studies with her as well!

This is all such interesting information.

  Cecilia wrote @

A little “oasis” of yoga knowledge and

Many blessings as you continue to share
the gifts you have been given.

  Veronica O’Grady wrote @

My friend,

This site is phenomenal. Another of your amazing gifts!

Your wisdom is deep, your knowledge is vast and the way you convey the deepest subtleties of such ancient practices is masterful. Thank you for opening the door to such a Beautiful Universe of Inner and Outer balance with practical tools, insights and guidance.

Your mastery with gathering and weaving in so many aspects of yoga and the lineages makes it easily understood and integrated. Something I’ve never experienced before. Wow. Such Wise Grace!
Looking forward to visiting this site often and this ongoing journey with you.

With Gratitude, Joy and Reverence,
~Veronica O’Grady

  Melanie wrote @

Absolutely love the web site! Well done best friend!

  Sue Miller wrote @

Nashville Yogi hospitality is amazing. Your Huntsvillian visitor felt so much at home and enjoyed the vegan potluck highlighted with great conversation. Hope to see you when I visit again. Thank you so much -Sue Miller

  Lisa Marie Wilkinson wrote @

It has been wonderful seeing your site evolve! You are an old soul with much knowledge to share, and I’m proud to call you friend!

Lisa Marie

  Victor wrote @

Thank you for sharing this website. I also enjoyed the poem you sent today, “Plant Your Garden”. It was a very soothing message.Much needed, after the long weekend of teacher training.

  Kurt wrote @


My first experience with Yoga was very enjoyable. Your site is full of wisdom and spiritual gems … Looking forward to visiting often and enjoying the journey, one day at a time.

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